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Annyong Haseyo !!! Good News In Store!!! We have recently dedicated the ROYALTY Membership to our Beloved ORCHID Skin Family. It's our humble gesture to thank our Kings and Queens for your constant support over the years.

Upon signing up with us for this Royalty Membership.

You will automatically given 200 Skin Miles. When you furnish us with your Date of Birth, you will get an additional 200 Skin Miles. You are kick started with 400 Skin Miles in just a few steps.

Skin Miles are eligible to redeem cash voucher upon checking out, which will save you money when you shop with us!

Click on Ways to Earn, you will understand there are many ways that you can earns your Skin Miles

Last but not least, ride on our Referral Program to earn yourself instant $5 Cash Coupon


Step into The ORCHID Skin Castle to savor Royalty treatment like true Kings and Queens. Hope to see u on our Royal platform soon !!!


Princess Kara,  

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