FREE Flower Chew Balm #Pure Pink

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Orchid Flower Chew Balm #Pure Pink

오키드 플라워 츄 밤 퓨어  #핑크

Usher: "Bow to our Princess Lucy, She has an announcement to make!"

Princess Lucy: "Thank you all my fellow royalties for paying attention to my announcement, and I would like to thank all of you who have been supporting us all these years. Today The ORCHID Skin has marked 4 years in Singapore and we would like to take this opportunity to further thank you for continuous support!"

Royalties: *[Clap Clap Clap]*

Princess Lucy: "The ORCHID Skin will be offering FREE Princess Lucy Orchid Flower Chew Balm #Pure Pink for any purchase of our products above $30! [Limited Time & Stocks Only]"

Princess Lucy: "Please enter [ FREECHEWBALM ] upon your check out to entitle my Signature Chew Balm for FREE!"

Royalties: *[Hooray!]*


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