Royalty Program

Annyong Haseyo!!! 

We have dedicated the ROYALTY PROGRAM to our Beloved The ORCHID Skin Family. It's our humble gesture to thank our Royalties for your constant support over the years.

Upon signing up with us for this "Royalty Membership", you will automatically get 200 SKIN MILES. If you choose to include your Date of Birth, LIKE us on Instagram and Facebook, you will get an additional 300 SKIN MILES. That's a total of 500 SKIN MILES, which you may use them for additional discount on our products.

Curious to learn more about our reward program. Simply click into our home main page, there is a button at the bottom left as shown below. It will expands and you will learn more about it!

Step into The ORCHID Skin Castle to savor Royalty treatment like Kings and Queens.

Hope to see u on our Royal platform soon !!!

Lots of Love,

Princess Kara