The ORCHID Skin Petit Nose Pack (Nose Patch)
The ORCHID Skin Petit Nose Pack (Nose Patch)
The ORCHID Skin 디오키드스킨

The ORCHID Skin Petit Nose Pack (Nose Patch)

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Petit Nose Pack (10 Patches)

This is a 100% natural vegetable carbon patch. The patch also contains charcoal powder. This nose patch removes sebum and blackheads from pores efficiently, without leaving behind the residue from the patches. The infused natural ingredient in the patches relaxes pores even after removal. It helps with pore care and skin purification by absorbing and removing sebum and wastes from pores.

It does not contain any artificial colouring.

Vegetable carbon and charcoal powder helps to control sebum and purifies the skin at the same time, giving u squeaky clean skin.

Witch Hazel Extract tightens the pores . Green Tea Extract greatly helps to soothe skin.

Aloe Vera Leaf Extract conditions skin and relaxes sensitive skin. It also contains loads of Vitamins and Amino Acid.

Main Ingredients: Contains Charcoal Powder, European Vegetable Carbon, Green Tea and Witch Hazel.

How to Use: Put some water on the nose. Remove the transparent film from the nose with dry hands. Attach the nose pack and leave it for about 10 mins. When the pack is dried, remove it from the edge.

TIP : Before usage, open up the pores on the face with warm water for better results.

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