ORCHID Flower Hide Cover Patch - The ORCHID Skin 디오키드스킨
The ORCHID Skin 디오키드스킨

The ORCHID Skin Hide Cover Patch (Acne Patch)

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Hide Cover Patch
8 Sheets x 12 Spot Patches

It is a spot patch made of hydrocolloid for skin wound care without ointment. By applying beveling method, patches' rim is specially made thin for better adhesion. With the infusion of tea tree leaf oil, it helps calm the skin and recovery is faster. It is waterproof against sweat and water, you may even shower or have a great day outdoors without having the adhesive falling off.

It is infused with Cellulose Gum, a natural ingredient found in plant cell wall, greatly helps protect the skin like a barrier.

Added Tea Tree Oil has superb sterilizing properties and helps to calm inflamed skin.

Main Ingredients: Cellulose Gum and Tea Tree Leaf Oil.

How to Use: After clearing the spot of any secretion, cover the area with a patch and press firmly on the spot for 2-3 seconds to adhere it.








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